Beware the quickie-change

A lot of people like to use the "quickie-change" oil and lube joints. You get in and get out and your 3000 mile constitutional is done. It sounds like a good situation except for the tragic amount of underhanded dealing that happen with these places.

Here is a great illustration from friends up in the great white north. This particular quickie-lube pickpocket was into these particular customers for an extra $590-some-odd-dollars on top of the simple oil change they went in for.

It is really important to point out that these quickie-scamchange places also hire people with absolutely no training as mechanics. They commonly forget to put oil plugs and caps back on causing engine lock-up or if you are lucky, just oil all over your engine burning and stinking. My personal favorite is when they forget to take the gasket off the oil filter being switched out. That's priceless... until, of course, all the oil drains out of your car.

Don't be a victim. Go to a trustworthy auto repair shop.

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