Is your car ready for vacation?

Summer is here and a lot of folks will be heading out for long drives to their vacation destinations. The last thing you want is a break down on the side of the road leaving you stranded in a foreign place. These are not the kind of memories you want to be making. Therefore, it is wise to do a vehicle check before leaving town.

The basic things to have checked out:
  1. Check the filters and fluids. This includes engine oil, power steering and brake and transmission fluid. Also, don’t forget about windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.
  2. Check your air conditioning. No one will have fun on vacation if the car is an oven.
  3. Check windshield wipers. If you see cracks in the rubber or streaks on the windshield, it may be time for a new set.
  4. Check the brakes. If you hear any grinding or squeaking, there is a problem that needs immediate attention.
  5. Check your battery. If your battery is weak now, it'll be weaker on the road.
  6. Check the tires. Make sure they are the right pressure. Look for bulges in the walls or thin treads. Those are both indicators that your tires need to be replaced.
  7. Check to see if your lights are working. That means your daytime, brights, reverse, turn signals and brake lights. Honk the horn. Check your dash and interior lights.
  8. Check your spare. You want to make sure there is air in your spare tire, Also make sure you have all the necessary tools to change a flat tire.
  9. Check your emergency kit. Safety triangles, road flares, jumper cables, flashlight, map, phone charger, and a first aid kit.

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